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  • Come and Visit

    Come and Visit

    Makua Lani Christian Academy welcomes visitors to make an appointment to come and see our campus.  We will tour the school, visit classrooms, and be open and available to answer any questions you may have.  We can even make arrangements for your student come and buddy up with one of our students for the day in order to get a full campus, day-in-the-life experience.  Call us today at (808)329-4898

  • SAT and ACT Test Dates

    SAT and ACT Test Dates for 2017-2018


High School

Upcoming Events

Read here for upcoming events and important dates at Makua Lani. For sporting event schedules, see the Athletic pages.

Attending a Kona Graduation?


Planning on attending a graduation event?  

Read more to see the list of ceremony dates and times for schools in the area. 

SAT and ACT Test Dates

SAT and ACT Test Dates for 2017-2018


2017-2018 Theme

When thinking about our theme for this year, our staff wanted to pick a theme that would be relevant and a challenge for both our students and ourselves.  We decided on the theme of "Integrity". The word integrity means "the state of being whole or undivided".  It comes from the root word "Integer". When I think of Integrity, I think of walking in Godly character all of the time, even when no one is watching.  It's not being "two-faced".  We chose our theme to be integrity this year because we wanted to commit as a school to be people who are wholly devoted to God, not divided by the things of this world.  We wanted to challenge our faculty and students to be "doers of God's Word, not merely hearers." (James 1:22).